Nice to meet you!

So who is evolve?  You've heard that all of these wonderful shots were taken by Photo Ninjas, but  you're not buying it huh?  Well then allow us to introduce ourselves!  Evolve is a collective of Photographers and Videographers that are passionate about capturing great moments and turning them into beautiful memories.   We are a small company (there are 12 of us in total), but we love to take on Big events!   We shoot Weddings, Sports, Families, Corporate Events, Products, Concerts, Parties and More.  Our specialty however is Dance.  Lets face it, great dance makes for great photos!  We find that dance is an ever changing (evolving?) subject that allows us to combine beautiful light, lines and color, with the skill, power and beauty of talented individuals to capture stunning moments and freeze them in time.  Many of these images become potent reminders of treasured memories for the performers and their families.  Being involved with dance in this way is wonderfully rewarding and fulfilling.  If we haven't met you before in person, Hi! It's nice to meet you.  Come say hello at an event, or shoot us an email if you would like to book our services.  We hope you enjoy the shots!

-Jonathan, Kirstin, Colin, Gavin, Nate, Dan, Scott, Branson, Ryan and Amber

Contact evolve:

Cell Phone: 801.362.6071 - Answering Service: 385.529.0444 - Email:

Evolve has no full time receptionist, no front desk, and no commercial office.  We're a family owned, highly mobile, lean mean photo/video machine!  Even though we aren't traditional in this manner, we are still highly accessible.  The cell phone number listed for our company is the owners personal cell phone.  Yes, the same number that friends and family use.  Give us a call and say hello!  You can also now reach us on our ISP answering line as well.  If nobody answers, please leave a message and we'll get back to you ASAP!  If you have a problem or a question that does not require immediate attention, please consider emailing us.  We do try to read every email every day.  If you don't get an immediate response, it's likely that we are currently working another shoot, or traveling to/from said shoot.  Rest assured that you've been heard and we'll respond as soon as we can.  Most of our shoots are on weekends so the best time to contact us is typically during the week.

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